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Disclaimer: The information provided in the texts following is of a general nature and is not to be construed or interpreted as offering, or substituting for, professional advice or recommendations.  The information is not tailored to any specific situation(s).  If the reader or any other peson or organization has a need to address a specific circumstance(s), s/he or they should seek and obtain the services of an independent professional management consultant for that purpose.

Strategic and Business Planning

Strong client demand continues for assistance with the derivation of strategic plans and development of business plans.  Once these plans have been prepared, the real challenges come with carrying-through their implementation.  Here are some steps that may help ease the transition from planning to follow-through action:

  1. Ensure the action plan (derived in the strategic or business plan) is paced to the resources available, or to the level of resources that could be reasonably secured.
  2. Ensure staff are comprehensively briefed on the strategic/business plans, and their ensuing action plans --- transparency is key!
  3. Create “action teams” among staff, with each team responsible for a defined portion of the action plan.
  4. Hold regular meetings to monitor progress; promptly address any issues that may arise.
  5. Fine-tune/adjust the action plan, as needed, based on realities encountered “on the ground”.
  6. Celebrate the milestones.

(The “action plan” mentioned in the above text, is also referred to as the “business operating plan” among organizations.)


Striving for Service Excellence

The role service plays, as a most critical factor in an organization’s ability to succeed and maintain a competitive edge, can never be sufficiently emphasized.  We compiled the following list of what we deem are good service practices that organizations may wish to consider and instill in their employees and agents.  The responsibility lies with organizational leadership to ensure that sufficient training and development, and proper delegation (flexibility/latitude), have been offered employees and agents so they can adequately adhere to these service practices.

(One can substitute the word “client” for “customer”.)
Once again, when reading the above text, please refer to Disclaimer at the introduction to this section.




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